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Whether you’re starting a new business or you’re a seasoned entrepreneur, this is where you’ll find the latest and best links on a variety of business topics – everything from business leadership to productivity enhancing web applications.


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1. List of Hair Salon Names
Are you interested in opening a hair salon, but you are having trouble settling on a catchy, informative name for your business? Look no further than this comprehensive TabStart page that features lists of names of hair...
2. Employee Leaving - Farewell Message
Take a look at TabStart's curated collection of online resources that will help business employees craft the perfect farewell message upon their departure from a company. While any worker is sure to be excited about...
3. Homeowner and Car Insurance Quotes
This TabStart page features a curated collection of insurer's who offer online quotes for both homeowner's and car insurance. Some of the biggest insurers in the nation are represented here, but be sure to consult with...
4. Buying and Selling Websites
Useful Resources for Buying and Selling Websites, including auctions, technology tools and more
5. Sunday Paper Coupons
Use this TabStart page to discover Sunday paper coupons from a hand-selected collection of the best websites online. The resources below provide printable Sunday paper-style coupons, special offers, coupon codes, and...
6. Content Strategy for the Web
Content Strategy resources curated by Jeri Hastava, Owner of Leap of Faith Web Design
7. MBNA Credit Card Travel Miles
Learn more about the MBNA program or find another program that is better for you. The MBNA card offers some great rewards, but there are hundreds of other similar cards to choose from. Choosing a credit card may be a...
8. Ing Direct Orange Account Pros And Cons
ING Direct is a large bank that offers competitive interest rates and features the "Orange" savings and checking accounts. This TabStart page offers resources that will provide you with an overview of both the pros and the...
9. Choose Online Accounting Software
Are you trying to choose between the slew of online accounting software options on the market today? Discover seven of the best SaaS accounting software options available on this tab. These featured products can help you...
10. Spartina Summit V
Helpful links for Spartina Summit V.
11. How To Take Your Business International
This is the beginning of a resource for helping people take their business global. Includes tools, government links, consultant links, and some good web articles.
12. Best Way to Sell A Car By Owner
Find highest quality information on selling to an individual or a dealer. Many find the idea of selling a car intimidating. Just selling anything can be uncomfortable to many people, so don't worry, you're not alone. Start...
13. Best Website For Current Mortgage Interest Rates
With so many lenders out there, it us often difficult to gauge who is reputable and offers the best rate. This tab is designed to make your life easier when refinancing or buying a home. Find current mortgage rates, rates...
14. Bad Credit - Debt Consolidation Management
If you have several outstanding balances on credit cards and home, auto, or student loans, it may be prudent to consider visiting with a counseling agency to consolidate your debt into one monthly payment. This TabStart page...
15. Tax Tips For Domestic Partners
Currently only 7 states recognize same-sex which allows tax benefits. The IRS does not recognize domestic partnership at all, making the whole tax process frustrating and painful. This tab was designed to offer tips how to...
16. Linkenheimer LLP: Accounting and Tax Resources
We are CPAs and Advisors, and here are some websites and web content for CPAs, Tax professionals, CFOs, Controllers, etc.
17. Financial Advice 401K Loan
Many online resources for financial advice point out that tapping into your 401K plan prematurely should be a last resort option. It might first seem there are many benefits of a 401K loan. After all, you're "borrowing...
18. Series A Template Docs
Find documents that you can leverage to save time and money on funding your company.
19. How to test raising prices
Testing prices on line can be tricky; here are some articles that explain how and how not to test prices, as well as some links to consultants who help with conversion.
20. Real Estate Crowdfunding
Directory of websites that offer crowdfunding opportunities in real estate
21. Crowdfunding for businesses
Information about Crowdfunding, including websites that offer crowdfunding, and useful links for more information about crowdfunding
22. Maximize Member Retention - A how-to board
How to maximize your members, this board includes web articles, as well as association management software links to help associations manage their members. However the tips also apply to businesses